How This Living Poll Works is the game poll that never ends. New and returning users visit our site every day and vote for their favorite Xbox One games. You can find and vote by category as well. Games are sorted top to bottom based on overall vote count or todays votes.

The whole experience is delivered live so you can see when others interact on the site as well.

As votes are added through the day, options highlight in color to show that trending for all to see. Then all the trend colors reset each night. This is designed to keep things fresh for users and to expose newly trending games that might have been overlooked.

Approval Voting

Our voting methodology is known as Approval Voting. Essentially, it means you can vote on as many options as you like. Tapping an option icon adds your vote and any options that you’ve voted for previously can be downvoted. This means games will never go negative in their per person scoring.

For more information about Approval Voting in general please see this wikipedia page.


Utilizing the same voting system, now you can vote on polls directly related to the games you love. There are three polls available for voting under every game. Pics, Feeds, Articles

The Pics poll allows you to upload Imgur Galleries. Add your favorite game-related social media channels (Twitter/Reddit) into the Feeds tab.Did you write an article about the game? Have a favorite review? Add it into the Articles poll.

Adding sub-poll options requires user authentication. Registration only requires your email address and login is via email so there are no passwords to remember!